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DJS Associates, Inc. has been, and continues to be, a trusted source of quality forensic consulting and litigation support services for the legal community, insurance industry, government entities, and the public and private sectors. Our global experience in all aspects of forensic investigation, comprised of forensic engineering, technologies and animations, is further complemented by an independent storage, inspection and conference facility to secure, test, analyze and document accident and crime scene evidence.

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DJS Happenings

Registered nurse Expert Witness

Elder Abuse and Neglect

On August 10th, 2022, Stacy Donnelly, RN, BSN, Nursing and Nursing Home Expert with DJS Associates, will be presenting her topic, “Elder Abuse and Neglect” via webinar. In this 60-minute CLE presentation, attendees will learn about the various types of abuse and neglect; examples of abuse and neglect; how to identify warning signs; and the steps to take if elder abuse and neglect is suspected. Ms. Donnelly will also discuss the techniques used in the investigation of these cases, providing real-life cases studies. There will be opportunities to ask questions and discuss throughout and after the presentation. For more information or if you would like to schedule a CLE for your firm, please contact Ann Marie Pritz via email at or via phone at 215-659-2010.

Electronic Data for Investigations

On Wednesday, June 8th, Justin P. Schorr, Ph.D., Principal Collision Reconstruction Engineer, will be speaking for the Florida Insurance Fraud Education Committee (FIFEC) seminar at the Royal Caribe, Florida. His topic, “Electronic Data for Investigations” will provide the attendee with an understanding of the history/progression of infotainment systems and cellular phones; how to identify vehicles and devices supported for data extraction; the practical and theoretical obstacles surrounding the acquisition of user data, and the appropriate methodologies to which data is collected, analyzed, and utilized. To learn more about the topic, please contact Justin via email at or via phone at 215-659-2010.

Justin P. Schorr

The Forensic Engineering Analysis of Surveillance Video

June 29th-July 1st, Justin P. Schorr, Ph.D., will be speaking at the Gavel Summer Summit at the Seaport Hotel in Boston Massachusetts. He will be joined by Attorney Mark Franco from Drummond Woodsum and Vanessa Perkins, AIC-M, AINS, ACCP, CPRIA from Pure Insurance. Their topic, “The Forensic Engineering Analysis of Surveillance Video,” will systematically review the data required to complete a proper three-dimensional analysis; the sources of the data; the manner in which the data needs to be collected and processed; the software required; the expected accuracy level of the analysis, and how the results of the analysis can be presented to the trier of fact. For more information on the topic, please contact Justin via email at or via phone at 215-659-2010.

What We Offer


The professionals at DJS share a common commitment to providing honest and accurate assessments, and rendering ethical opinions.

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3D Animation

3D Animations

The ability to accurately replicate and visualize the scene in a 3D world provides the opportunity to evaluate a limitless number of scenarios.

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24/7 Rapid Response

24/7 Response

DJS Associates’ Rapid Response Team is available at a moment’s notice to investigate and document a collision or site when needed.

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DJS Seminars


DJS offers CLE and CE seminars and webinars in over 20 states. Topics include collision reconstruction, cell phone forensics, engineering and more.

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The experts at DJS Associates provide scientific investigation and expert testimony to the insurance, legal, and engineering professions, as well as government entities. With a network of over 300 nationally recognized, board-certified specialists located throughout the United States, our case managers assist in obtaining the right consultant to meet your needs. The DJS commitment to providing clients with honest, accurate and ethical assessments is shared by all of our professionals.

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