Biomechanical Engineering Case Scenarios


Consultants: Robert Nobilini, Ph.D., Michael Kleinberger, Ph.D., Ali Sadegh, Ph.D. ::::

Scenario 1: Police claim they were justified in using deadly force against a man who fired four shots at the Cape Cod Police Station and then confronted officers while wearing white body armor and holding a .40 caliber handgun. During the fatal nighttime confrontation the 23 year old man was shot at least four times and he was killed by the shot that struck him in the back of the head. Biomechanical engineer needed to determine if he was likely hit in the head when he tried to dodge gunfire or was spun around when struck in his left side by other bullets.

Scenario 2: The plaintiff was driving a small indoor vehicle (material mover) at less than 5 miles per hour. He hit a depression in the floor, allegedly resulting in a herniated disc. A biomechanical engineer was needed regarding causation of injuries and if injuries were consistent with movement.

Scenario 3: Vehicle versus pedestrian accident. The defendant dump truck driver passed the plaintiff, who was riding a bicycle on the side of the road. She alleged that the dump truck struck her, knocking her off the bicycle. The driver claims he passed the bicycle while he was driving at a low speed and the plaintiff lost control of her bicycle and fell off. Biomehcanical Engineer brought in to determine if injuries were consistent with an impact.

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