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Infant Stroller Causes Skin Rash

Kenneth A. Brown, Ph.D. ::::

Case Synopsis: In early summer, a young mother purchased an infant stroller at a local store.  With the infant safely strapped in the new stroller, she walked for about an hour, stopping twice to comfort her baby who was crying and appeared uncomfortable.  When they arrived at the grandparent’s house, the mother checked the infant’s diaper to see if that was the cause of the crying and noticed red welts on the baby’s thigh and buttocks. The mother washed off the red areas; however, the condition worsened that night.  The next morning the mother took her infant to the emergency room and was informed that the infant had 2nd and 3rd degree chemical burns on her buttocks and thigh.  The mother checked the stroller and found a thick, green substance under the seating pad as well as on top of the seating pad.  Over the next several months, the infant required several skin graft operations and had long periods of painful recovery which resulted in permanent scars.

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Garment Press Malfunction

Thomas J. Cocchiola, PE, CSP ::::

Case Synopsis: A worker at a drycleaning facility sustained severe burns when a garment press malfunctioned and unexpectedly closed on his hands.  An operator would typically place a pair of pants onto a stationary lower buck and activate a pushbutton to close the press.  The operator must continuously activate a pushbutton as the press closes; the press immediately opens if the operator releases the pushbutton.  After the press closes, the operator is able to activate a second pushbutton to lock it in position until a timer releases it.  The accident occurred when the press closed unexpectedly and trapped the operator’s hands while he was smoothing wrinkles in a pair of pants. 

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Nissan Pathfinder Class Action Settlement

R. Scott King, BSME ::::

Nissan North America and attorneys representing a nationwide class of certain Nissan Pathfinder and similar SUV owners have reached a settlement agreement that will extend the original factory warranty to help cover the cost of damage resulting from allegedly defective radiators.  

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DJS Associates Announces Utilization of Panoramic / 360° Photography with Fisheye Lens Technology

DJS Associates is utilizing a new process where a DSLR camera equipped with a Fisheye Lens is deployed at our existing laser scan setup locations.  This new technology allows us to create spherical panoramas which can be used to virtually place the user at the location from which the laser scan was captured.  Being that it is a spherical panorama, the user can rotate the view 360°, allowing them to look in any direction as if they were standing at the location.  Additionally, the spherical panorama can also be used to generate high resolution texture maps, which can be baked onto the point cloud collected by the scanner.  This process helps to color the point cloud with a  palette that is identical to conditions on the date of the scans. For additional information on this new technology, or any non-forensic laser scanning project,  please contact Jon W. Adams at DJS Associates. He can be reached via email at or via phone at 215-659-2010.

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Motorcycle Fast Facts: Controlling the Lean Angle

Motorcycle Fast Facts: A motorcyclist can control the lean angle of a motorcycle in a curve by his or her body position in the saddle.  By displacing their body towards the inside of the curve, the roll angle of the motorcycle is reduced.  For additional information on Motorcycle Safety and Handling, contact Curtis M. Beloy, PE, Accident Reconstruction / Motorcycle Safety Expert with DJS Associates at or via phone at 215-659-2010.

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Motorcycle Fast Facts: “Rake”

An Important aspect of motorcycle chassis geometry is the angle of the steering axis from vertical.  This is known as the “rake” of a motorcycle.  A motorcycle with more “rake” will tend to be more stable on straight-aways, but will be more difficult to turn compared to a motorcycle with less “rake” angle.  For additional information, please contact Curt M. Beloy, Motorcycle Safety / Accident Reconstruction expert at

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