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DJS Associates Forensic Toolbox

What’s In Our Forensic Toolbox?

“A normal day for me, consists of vehicle and site inspections for DJS’ clients. Being prepared for all scenarios is extremely important in my position, as you don’t often get a chance to go back to the office if you forget something. At DJS, all of our field crews and engineers are equipped with the DJS Toolkit. Here is a peek at some of the tools we keep with us.”
Terry Myers, Senior Forensic Investigator



What’s In Our Toolbox?

#1 Leica RTC 360 3D Laser Scanner

3D Laser Scanner

The Leica RTC 360 is the newest addition to the DJS toolbox. The 360 is portable, fast, accurate, efficient, at the most robust in its class.


#2 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV/Drone)


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is used document areas not accessible by terrestrial laser scanners.


#3 UAV Targets

UAV Target

Targets for UAV’s. Brought with all investigators


#4 Bosch CDR Kit

Bisch CDR Kit

Bosch CDR Kit used to access data in passenger and heavy vehicles such as busses or tractor trailers…


#5 Berla Infotainment Data Retrieval Kit

Berla Infotainment Data Retrieval Kit

Berla Infotainment Data Retrieval Kit is used to access data…


#6 GoPro Camera


GoPro Video Recorders used for terrestrial video capture.


#7 ANSI 107 Class 2 Safety Vest

DJS Safety Vest

Our investigators always are prepared with an ANSI 107 Class 2 Safety Vest. They even bring a couple of extras for clients attending inspections.


#8 Name of This Toolkit

Bosch CDR Kit

TDescription of this toolkit goes here….


#9 Accelerometer


Description of the accelerometer goes here…


#10 Nighttime Vision Board

Nighttime Vision Board

Description of the nighttime vision board goes here…


#11 Artec Eva Hand-Held 3D Laser Scanner


One of the tools we utilize for capturing the unique details of smaller objects is the Artec Eva scanner, an industry leader in structured light laser scanning. With the Artec Eva scanner we have the ability to capture texture on small objects, capture up-to 0.5 mm in 3D resolution, with a 3D point accuracy of up to 0.1 mm and scan objects in color.

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