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Following the Logic, Through the Calculation of Damages

Douglas H. Sell, Jr. / Economic Damages Consultant ::::

Case Synopsis:  Plaintiff was severely injured in an accident and, as a result of injuries sustained, made a claim for lost earnings and future medical care expenses.  Plaintiff’s injuries were so severe, medical experts opined that the plaintiff had a reduced life expectancy; only eight additional years from the date of the incident.  Plaintiff’s economic expert prepared a report calculating an earnings loss of nearly $1 million from the time of the incident through the plaintiff’s anticipated work life, which was an additional 30 years from the date of the incident.  Plaintiff’s expert also prepared financial adjustments to the proposed future medical care expenses, which were estimated to be incurred for an additional eight years, based on the previously mentioned life expectancy opinion.

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Why Did The Vehicle Cross the Centerline? Was It a Criminal Action?

Steven M. Schorr, PE ::::

Case Synopsis: A pickup truck traveling northbound on a two-lane, two-direction roadway was approaching a slight curve to the right when the vehicle failed to remain in the northbound lane, crossed the centerline, and entered the southbound lane.  Yaw marks (tire marks indicating the wheels were rotating but sliding sideways) were present in the southbound lane, consistent with the pickup truck operator attempting to steer back to the right prior to contacting southbound vehicles.  The pickup truck operator claimed he passed out due to medical reasons and when he came to, he was in the opposite lane and attempted to steer back to the right.  The Criminal Complaint versus the pickup truck operator claimed that the vehicle operator failed to negotiate the curve in the roadway due to excessive vehicle speed as well as the presence of alcohol in his blood.

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Soft and Pliable a Tire Should Not Be!

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The Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) Will Help to Make Swimming Pools Safer

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Bicyclist Detection Systems, Practical or Overkill?

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Is Lane Splitting Justified?

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