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What Could the Truck Operator See? The 3D Evaluation of Surveillance Videos

Steven M. Schorr, PE, President of DJS Associates, and Laurence Penn, 3D Animations/Technical Assistant ::::



A collision occurred when a northbound pedestrian was crossing a city street and was struck by a right turning, southbound to westbound truck. The truck operator testified that the pedestrian was not visible to him as he executed the turn.

Two surveillance videos picked up portions of the movements of the vehicles prior to and at the time of the collision. A northbound facing camera showed the back of the pedestrian approaching and entering the roadway and showed the front of the left turning truck strike the pedestrian. A southbound facing camera showed the back of the left turning truck and portions of the front of the pedestrian approaching the collision area. The question that needed to be answered was, “could/should the truck driver have seen the pedestrian prior to impact?”

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Help Me H1-H4V, You Are My Only Hope


Laurence R. Penn, 3D Animations/Technical Assistant ::::

Just like in Star Wars, you will soon be able to see a 3D holographic Leia and even hold her in your hand. Well, not quite. Leia is actually the technology embedded in the new smartphone already released to preorders and soon to be released to consumers in November. The smartphone is called the Hydrogen One (H1), built by Red Cinema who are known for their high-quality digital cinematography cameras; many of the latest movies or TV shows you have seen are likely filmed on Red cameras. What’s unique about this camera is the Diffractive Lightfield Backlighting (DLB) which turns a 2D display into an immersive 3D experience. I have yet to experience one in person but imagine the phone being like a window, revealing a deep world inside of it. The phone will also be modular, allowing it to be combined with other Red Cinema components such as lens adapters (think Nikon, Canon) and other camera bodies (an 8K 3D camera is in the works!) . It won’t just be photos and videos that are displayed in 3D with the new H4V file-type, but Apps will also utilize the technology for a completely new way to interact with games, social media and our digital universe. I for one am very excited about this game-changing device, considering I still have my old but trusty iPhone 5 (6 years, really!?!) and can’t wait to test it out with some of the 3D content we generate here at DJS.

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