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Virtual Reality Premieres at DJS Associates

Laurence R. Penn, Senior Forensic Animation/Video Specialist ::::


On Friday May 3rd, at the Forensic Storage and Technology Center, DJS Associates was proud to host a CLE approved Seminar, “Investigating Vehicular Collisions: An Interactive Seminar Where YOU Take Part in the Investigation” in which we discussed the many old and new ways of collecting physical and digital data for collision reconstruction, and how that data is used for analysis. The final presentation of the seminar demonstrated how a 3D reconstruction can be experienced through Virtual Reality, produced in-house by DJS Associates. With current real-time interactive 3D technologies, one can step into the driver’s seat and view the circumstances at the time of the collision to watch them unfold. The addition of our interactive steering wheel, pedals and hand trackers assisted in making the experience as immersive as possible for attendees.

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A Roadway & Vehicle “Feature Identification” Case Scenario


Laurence R. Penn, Senior Forensic Animation/Video Specialist ::::



DJS Associates, Inc., was retained to analyze dashcam footage of a collision involving a tow truck that was dispatched to assist with a vehicle located on the right shoulder of the roadway due to mechanical difficulties. Prior to the collision, the tow truck traveled in the middle of three lanes, and as it approached its destination merged into the right lane. For whatever reason, a school bus traveling in the right lane failed to slow and yield to the tow truck entering its lane of travel, and instead drove onto the shoulder. Just as the bus passed the tow truck, it failed to notice the handicapped vehicle, and impacted the stopped car with devastating effect.

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But Wait, There’s More!


Laurence R. Penn, Senior Forensic Animation/Video Specialist ::::

DJS Associates was recently contacted to enhance multiple pieces of digital audio-visual evidence for a homicide case in Pennsylvania. The lengthy, multi-angled surveillance video footage was edited down to only show the crucial events surrounding the murder. Audio in other video evidence was processed to provide clarity to otherwise quiet and muffled speech.

One piece of evidence, an audio file which was claimed to be extremely crucial to the case, proved to be much more. Upon review of the file, it was found to contain both audio AND video. The client was unaware the file contained actual video footage, perhaps believing it to be lost during recording or transmission. The audio alone was likely enough to prove the client’s case, but the video that was uncovered showed an important individual involved in the matter, making the client’s case undeniable.

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Applying Photography, Video, 3D and other Expertise to Forensic Analysis

3D Camera Matching in Engineering Animations

Laurence R. Penn, 3D Animations/Technical Assistant ::::

At DJS Associates, we are often called upon to analyze surveillance videos to make a region of interest easier to identify or to re-create the recorded scenario entirely. What may seem like a simple task actually relies on thorough review and consideration of many factors within the footage. Often these factors are subtle and only an experienced technician can identify the clues provided in the images.

With 3D camera matching, evidence and surveillance imagery can be digitally processed and spatially analyzed to reconstruct a scene.

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DJS Engineering Animations

Engineering Animation

Laurence R. Penn, 3D Modeler and Animations Expert ::::

When it comes to creating compelling, scientifically-based Computer-Generated Images (CGI), V-Ray from ChaosGroup is now the render engine of choice utilized by DJS Associates’ 3D Engineering Animation Department. V-Ray is a physics based texturing and rendering platform used by many top studios around the world. In fact, V-Ray received an award at the 2017 Academy Awards from the Academy’s Scientific and Technical Awards Committee for its role in bringing realistic CGI to the big screen.

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