Are Non-Fatal Drownings Noteworthy?

Aquatic Safety Group

Tom J. Griffiths, ED.D. and Rachel Griffiths, Aquatic Safety Specialists ::::
The public and many water safety advocates are more than aware of the risk of fatal drowning, especially for children under the age of four, males, and African Americans. However, while focusing on fatalities, the frequency and significance of non-fatal drownings is often overlooked. Non-fatal drownings are just as devastating as fatal drowning, if not more so.
According to a Canadian Study presented at the World Conference on Drowning Prevention, non-fatal drowning has been estimated to be anywhere from twice to fifty times more common than fatal drownings.
As many as one third of all drowning survivors have sustained significant neurological damage due to anoxic encephalopathy. As a result, non-fatal drownings not only contribute significantly to the pain and suffering of the victim and family of the victim, but the financial burden of treating non-fatal drowning victims is astronomical. Continue reading “Are Non-Fatal Drownings Noteworthy?”