Another Day Camper Drowns During a Swimming Field Trip


Tom J. Griffiths, Ed.D., Aquatics Consultant ::::
Research indicates more than half of all drownings occurring in the United States happen when groups visit an aquatic facility. Larger groups, whether church groups, school groups, sport camps, day camps, or even birthday parties, all require special attention and extra Layers of Protection when visiting lifeguarded facilities.
Groups visiting swimming pools, particularly during open public swims, create an unforeseen hazard with a classic form of miscommunication. Typically, when camp counselors bring their charges to a guarded swimming pool they tend to relax and socialize rather than supervise their children because professional lifeguards are on duty. Conversely, lifeguards believe the counselors know their campers better than the lifeguards on duty and will watch the children in the water with vigilance. Unless specific “group use policies” are put into place prior to the pool visitation, rather than having double coverage of both lifeguards and counselors watching the campers in the water, double trouble results because no one is watching the children, assuming they’re someone else’s responsibility.
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Alcohol as Contributing Factor in Catastrophic Diving Accident

Diving Accident

Tom Griffiths, ED.D., Aquatics Consultant ::::
An all too common occurrence; a young adult becomes a quadriplegic while attending a late night pool party where alcohol was consumed. In this case, late at night and after consuming several drinks, the young man dives towards the transitional slope dividing the deep from the shallow end of the swimming pool. Since such a dive takes less than a second to complete, no one witnessed the dive that rendered the young man quadriplegic, which is most often true in these cases.
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