But Wait, There’s More!


Laurence R. Penn, Senior Forensic Animation/Video Specialist ::::
DJS Associates was recently contacted to enhance multiple pieces of digital audio-visual evidence for a homicide case in Pennsylvania. The lengthy, multi-angled surveillance video footage was edited down to only show the crucial events surrounding the murder. Audio in other video evidence was processed to provide clarity to otherwise quiet and muffled speech.
One piece of evidence, an audio file which was claimed to be extremely crucial to the case, proved to be much more. Upon review of the file, it was found to contain both audio AND video. The client was unaware the file contained actual video footage, perhaps believing it to be lost during recording or transmission. The audio alone was likely enough to prove the client’s case, but the video that was uncovered showed an important individual involved in the matter, making the client’s case undeniable. Continue reading “But Wait, There’s More!”