Extraction and Bone Augmentation of A Mandibular Molar

Periodontist Expert

Barry P. Levin, D.M.D., Periodontology Expert
I was recently asked to review a case concerning the extraction and bone augmentation of a mandibular (lower jaw) molar. The example of extracting a fractured tooth and performing a bone grafting procedure in anticipation of implant placement is extremely common in contemporary dentistry. The steps that were taken did not appear on the surface to be sub-standard of care.
The plaintiff accused a periodontist of performing an improper procedure and colluding with an endodontist. Several yellow flags came up during my review of the case.
First, it did not appear from the radiographs provided, and minimal history provided, that anything was done that did not meet the standard of care. The possibility of lingering discomfort following a surgical procedure is not uncommon. Continue reading “Extraction and Bone Augmentation of A Mandibular Molar”