Child Passenger Safety Week 2019

Child Seat Safety

John R. Yannaccone, P.E., Senior Mechanical Engineer
September 15th to 21st is Child Passenger Safety Week, a time to make sure children are traveling safely. Every year, motor vehicle crashes rank high on the list of leading causes of injury and fatality for children in most age groups. Here are some points to consider:

  • Children over 4’9” are likely riding in a seatbelt. It is important to make sure the seatbelt fits them properly, as they are generally designed for adults. While there is no single criteria indicating when a child is large enough for a seatbelt without a booster or child’s car seat, there are steps you can take to determine when a child can rely solely on the seatbelt. (Is Your Child Big Enough to Ride in a Seatbelt)
  • If the child is smaller than 4’9”, they should be riding in a car seat. There are two important checks that should be made for safety. First, check the expiration date to confirm the child car seat is not past its allowed lifetime, which is typically 6 years. Second, verify the car seat has no open recalls. To do this you will need the car seat manufacturer, model number and date of manufacture. Checking for recalls can be done on either the manufacturer’s website or on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) website. Continue reading “Child Passenger Safety Week 2019”