Assessing Construction Site Safety: Who’s Responsible?

OSHA Expert Witness

Lt. Col. Bryan J. Smith, PE, Construction Site Safety Expert ::::
Case Description/Summary: During the performance of a project to construct a multi-unit apartment complex, a second tier subcontractor foreman was injured while removing temporary stairs. One temporary stair riser section collapsed while he was working upon it to free it for removal, resulting in his twenty foot fall and severe personal injury.
Expert Analysis: Long after the incident, a site survey was conducted to inspect all of the removed temporary stair sections. No evidentiary findings could be made from the inspection. A review of all involved parties’ responsibilities revealed that the represented defendant firm was not responsible for this portion of contract work though they did have responsibility for all underground utilities and site improvements. The general contractor (GC) for the building portion of the project is held responsible for overall site safety by OSHA. Continue reading “Assessing Construction Site Safety: Who’s Responsible?”