Oh “Deer”


James R. Schmidt, Jr., BSME, Collision Reconstruction Engineer ::::
By a show of hands, how many of you have ever seen a deer? Okay, that looks like to be just about everyone out there. How many of you have ever had a deer run out in front of you while you were driving? Okay, that looks like a good number of you out there. How many of you have ever hit a deer that ran out in front of you? Okay, there’s at least one of you out there.
Well, a few months ago, with my Garmin dash cam always rolling, I encountered a deer running out in front of me. Broad daylight. North/south roadway, 55 feet wide give or take. 35 mph posted speed limit. One lane of travel northbound with a narrow right shoulder, a wide painted gore area in the middle of the roadway that changes to a center left turn only lane, one lane of travel southbound with a very wide right shoulder. The roadway is bordered by raised curbs. A residential area. And apparently also a known deer area, as the advisory signage would suggest. I didn’t notice the signage until I looked back at the dash cam video. The deer apparently did, as she crossed right there adjacent to the deer crossing advisory sign.
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