“Ride on Red” Law in Pennsylvania


Robert T. Lynch, PE, Senior Collision Reconstruction Engineer ::::
For over a year now, a new law in Pennsylvania has allowed for any vehicle (i.e., car, bicycle, motorcycle, even a horse and buggy) to proceed with caution at an intersection if the traffic signal’s vehicle-detection system fails to recognize it. The traffic signal should be treated like a stop sign in this scenario. However, the law DOES NOT mean you can treat any red light as a stop sign, only those that are “out of operation” or “not functioning properly.” The specific law, Pennsylvania Title 75, Section 3112(c), does not define how long a motorist must be sitting at a red light before it’s considered to be malfunctioning, but PennDOT and Pennsylvania State Police encourage drivers to use common sense. The signal has to be obviously malfunctioning, such as going through several cycles without giving you a green light. Continue reading ““Ride on Red” Law in Pennsylvania”