Inflatable Slide is No Safe Ride

Inflatable Slide

Kenneth R. Martin, Amusement Ride Safety Consultant ::::

Case Description: The plaintiff was attending a vacation bible school celebration being held at the local church. The celebration included rented inflatable amusement devices provided by the the rental company defendant. One of the devices provided was a 24 foot dry slide to be set up on the grounds of the church. The church representative, the second defendant, hurriedly signed a document that the defendant rental company provided which explained all the policies. The inflatable slide was then set up with no instructions or directions given to the church.
It was nearing the end of the event, and the plaintiff wanted to slide down the slide with her daughter. As the plaintiff climbed the slide, she observed boys at the top getting ready to slide down. She then felt the slide shifting and started to collapse. The collapse of the slide caused the plaintiff to lose her balance, fall on the stairs, and eventually end up on the ground below.
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