What are those “Levels” of Inspection?


Leslie Lovre, Technical Assistant to R. Scott King, BSME ::::
A police report has long been among the first documents generated in a commercial vehicle crash investigation and reconstruction. In fact, in our office the first item in each file’s document inventory list is typically reserved for the police report. In addition to identifying the date, time, location, and parties involved, commercial vehicle crash investigation reports also often include detailed information related to the mechanical aspects of the commercial vehicle, as well as its driver. The data reflected in this section of the report normally follows a standard format, making specific reference to a certain “Level” of inspection criteria applied during the inspection. From time to time, clients have made specific requests for our engineers and investigators to apply that same “Level” of inspection noted within the police report, during our independent commercial vehicle forensic examination. Despite these specific requests, however, we have noted that many making the request often are not familiar with the details and applicability of the various inspection “levels” common to commercial vehicle investigations.
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