The Wrong Way To Clean A Meat Mixer/Blender


Thomas J. Cocchiola, PE, CSP, Mechanical Engineering Consultant ::::
Accident: A company that brands and sells meat products operates a plant with several production lines. The stainless-steel production machinery must be cleaned and inspected every day in accordance with government regulations. The meat products company used a subcontractor to clean all the machinery at the end of each day. A crew of workers from the subcontractor cleaned the machinery under the supervision of a meat company manager.
On the night of the accident, a worker was cleaning a relatively large mixer/blender that has two motor driven mixing elements that rotate within a relatively large stainless-steel tub. Two hinged doors at one end of the stainless-steel tub allow operators to discharge meat after it has been properly mixed. The subcontract worker was using a hose to wash a rotating element through one of the open discharge doors in accordance with normal cleaning practices at the plant. Unfortunately, the hose became entangled on the rotating element, which severed his hand.
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