Watch For Motorcycles… And Riders Watch The Road

Robert T. Lynch, PE, Sr. Collision Reconstruction Engineer ::::
This spring we have experienced some unseasonably warm weather, already breaking 80 degrees a couple days during the month of April here in the Philadelphia area. If you’re anything like me, owner of a motorcycle and a pulse, you’ve been itching for warmer weather for the past 4 months in order to reacquaint your bike to the curves of your favorite back roads.
But before you grab your gear, kick the tires, and saddle up, just take a moment to recall how different, and mentally taxing, it can be to ride a motorcycle, specifically how to handle turns on a motorcycle as opposed to a vehicle. A motorcycle is leaned left or right to turn and not steered, which reduces traction potentially creating a slippery situation. Traveling around a curve with loose gravel in the roadway is one of the biggest hazards that a rider will face over the next month or so as the remnants of salt, sand and loose gravel deposited on the roadway during the winter season still remain. Continue reading “Watch For Motorcycles… And Riders Watch The Road”