Industry Update: Why do Jersey beachgoers keep walking out into traffic?

Walking in the Street

It’s a typical beach day out on Atlantic Avenue, which means the usual pedestrian chaos. Beachgoers crossing the many streets without traffic lights assume the cars will stop: The 2010 law tells them the vehicles must. Some families lead with the stroller, toddler on the dad’s shoulders, an older sibling stumbles, stops and goes back for an errant flip-flop. Boogie boards are used as shields, umbrellas and chairs balanced under arms. Ready, set, cross.
Sometimes the cars stop, sometimes they speed up to get by first. Sometimes one lane stops and the other doesn’t. Sometimes pedestrians are caught mid-cross. Sometimes, in Margate or Ventnor, which have two lanes in each direction on Atlantic, the cars come from behind the stopped car and head into the intersection. Sometimes there are rear-end crashes.
This all is driving Longport Mayor Nick Russo nuts. “Whatever happened to look both ways?” he lamented.
Russo wants repeal of the law, passed in April 2010, nine months after Casey Feldman, 21, was struck and killed by a van while crossing on Central Avenue in Ocean City. “We’ve done a pretty good job of educating drivers,” he said. “We need to do better with pedestrians.”
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Video Reveals What Really Happened with Tractor-Trailer / Pedestrian Accident

Truck Pedestrian Accident

Steven M. Schorr, P.E., President of DJS Associates ::::
Increasingly, the data available to review as part of a collision reconstruction includes video, sometimes obtained from nearby surveillance cameras, and sometimes acquired from the vehicles themselves.
Many commercial vehicles are equipped with event data recorders in the form of a camera that captures different views as the vehicle proceeds along. Depending on the equipment, the data is either recorded continuously, or the camera is manually activated by the operator, or recording is activated by a defined sudden deceleration threshold.
Recently, we were provided with a video from a truck which showed a passenger vehicle on the right shoulder with its flashers on and its hood up. The daytime video showed a pedestrian suddenly emerge from behind the raised hood of the vehicle on the shoulder, and moved directly into the path of the approaching truck. The pedestrian was struck by the right front/center of the truck. Although the conclusion as to how the collision occurred seemed obvious, we were tasked with evaluating the event from a collision reconstruction perspective, i.e., what were the factors that led to this event and, in this case, were there any additional causal factors other than the actions of the pedestrian. Continue reading “Video Reveals What Really Happened with Tractor-Trailer / Pedestrian Accident”