Tree Causes Fatalities

Tree Expert Witness

Russell E. Carlson, RCA, BCMA, Arboricultural Consultant ::::
In this case study, an Arboricultural (tree) Expert was requested to determine whether the defects present in a tree were identifiable in advance, and who should have been aware of those defects.
Case Synopsis: On June 29, 2012, a series of meteorological events combined to cause a major storm front. It started near Chicago, then moved eastward. The storm front grew in intensity and width, traveling more than 700 miles in less than 13 hours. It crossed 10 states and the District of Columbia, causing widespread wind damage, power outages affecting more than 5 million customers, and at least 13 deaths, mostly from falling trees.
Two families were camping over the weekend at a New Jersey State Park campground. The storm arrived shortly before 1:00 A.M., with microburst winds estimated to be more than 67 miles per hour; suddenly slamming the area and causing widespread damage throughout southern New Jersey. A pine tree at the campsite snapped, falling on the small tent occupied by the campers, including two young boys who suffered fatal injuries. Continue reading “Tree Causes Fatalities”