Slipping & Falling (For You)

Walter M. Wysowaty, PE, Civil Engineer Consultant ::::
Case Synopsis: The plaintiff was descending an exterior egress stairway from his apartment when he slipped and fell on a formation of “black ice” located on the top tread of the stairway. The plaintiff claimed that the formation of ice on the stairway in combination with the slope of the treads and poor lighting caused him to slip, lose his balance, and fall down the stairs.
Expert Analysis: An inspection and subsequent analysis was performed. Expert analysis supported that the stairway treads and handrail were in conformance with modern building codes. A meteorologist provided a meteorological report wherein NWS automated instrumentation indicated precipitation in the form of light freezing rain, freezing drizzle or ice pellets occurred only minutes prior to the plaintiff’s incident. Continue reading “Slipping & Falling (For You)”