Surveillance Cameras: Inside Looking Out

Laurence R. Penn, Senior Forensic Animation/Video Specialist



There’s a good chance an interior surveillance camera located close to a window will capture activity or an incident outside of the property it is primarily intended to surveil. Such was the case when a surveillance camera observing the entrance of a store captured a collision where a right turning truck collided with a cyclist traveling the same direction on a narrow city street. In fact, there were many cameras that captured the incident, including three cameras from two different businesses and the dashcam on the truck itself.
Videogrammetry techniques were used to camera match one of the surveillance videos to high resolution 3D scan data of the site. The truck was also documented, and its 3D data used to re-create a trajectory as depicted in the surveillance video. Videogrammetry analysis of the other cameras helped confirm the results of the vehicle tracking. Continue reading “Surveillance Cameras: Inside Looking Out”