Dram Shop Defense: The Devil is in the Details

Dram Shop Expert Witness

Thomas Chartoff, Dram Shop, Police Practices, and Emergency Vehicle Operations Expert ::::
Case Summary: The defendant was drinking at a bar with a group of friends where he was later met by the plaintiff. The defendant and the plaintiff agreed to go to another bar, but first dropped the plaintiff’s car off at the plaintiff’s residence.
About 30 minutes after leaving the bar and dropping off the plaintiff’s car, the defendant was involved in an accident in which the plaintiff suffered serious injury as a result. The defendant was arrested for DWI and refused to provide a breath sample. The officer stated that the defendant was staggering and slurring his words at the time of the arrest. The plaintiff was treated at the hospital and found to have a .07% BAC an hour after the accident. Continue reading “Dram Shop Defense: The Devil is in the Details”