DJS Adds New Test Device to its Arsenal of Technology Equipment

GPS Datalogger


DJS recently expanded its testing capabilities with the addition of a new GPS datalogger.
The datalogger is more advanced than standard consumer GPS sensors, like the sensors in smartphones and standalone GPS units, measuring both position and speed to greater accuracy. Specifically, the true speed measurement is within 0.1mph of the recorded value captured by the datalogger. This new equipment measures highly accurate acceleration and brake data and allows us to test typical vehicle maneuvers associated with collision reconstructions, such as the acceleration during a left turn or the effects of ABS on brake distance.

The new datalogger has already been tested and validated in the field proving to be a valuable asset in assisting with the collision reconstruction analysis.
For more information about this GPS datalogger or any of the other test devices, equipment, or technological capabilities of DJS, please contact Robert Lynch, PE, Senior Reconstruction Engineer, at 215-659-2010 or via email at

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