The health and safety of our employees, partners, and clients are of utmost importance to DJS Associates, Inc. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we have encouraged all employees to work remotely in order to prevent and limit the spread of illness. DJS administrative staff, engineers and 24/7 rapid response field crew will continue to work remotely until further direction from the state.
As we continue to provide our clients with the efficient, dedicated service they have always been accustom to, we provide you with the following links:
Submitting New Cases:

• Email new case information to
• Submit via website portal located at the bottom of our expert’s page:
• Contact by phone can also be made calling our company number, 215-659-2010 or reaching out to the following cell numbers: 215-850-1886, 215-840-4367.
24/7 Rapid Response Inspections:

• All contact numbers for the rapid response team are located on our 24/7 response page: for immediate response, use this method first.
• Submit the assignment to
• Contact Number as are as follows:
o Terry Myers: 215-280-6665
o Justin Schorr: 215-850-1886
o Robert Lynch: 215-260-3892
o Scott King: 610-329-7383
o Robert Gisondi: 267-222-2151
o Robert Kinder: 908-839-8361
Current Case Management:

• To manage deadlines, appointments, or to schedule a call / speak to your expert, please contact the Case Manager assigned to your matter. If you are unsure of the proper contact, please send an inquiry to, and we will return your email within 24 hours with contact information and additional details as necessary.
Regarding any additional questions for DJS Associates, Inc., our operations, or new case matters, please feel free to contact me directly to discuss. As many of you knew my father Steve Schorr, you know he always said to “do the right thing.” Working to keep everyone safe and continuing our commitment of providing unsurpassed service to our clients is the right thing.
Stay healthy,
Justin P. Schorr, Ph.D.
President of DJS Associates, Inc.

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