DJS Associates Introduces Bosch Crash Data Retrieval Version 6.0.


In addition to added coverage for vehicles such as GM, Ford, Toyota, and more, Version 6.0 provides coverage for 2013 Nissan vehicles.

This important update marks the beginning of a new era in Event Data Recording technology resulting from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 49 CFR Part 563 Rule taking effect in September 2012.  While not mandating Event Data Recorders, this rule requires manufacturers that voluntarily equip their vehicles with EDRs to make the hardware and software necessary to retrieve the data they record publicly available.  Because most vehicle manufacturers already utilize EDR technology, the list of supported vehicles is expected to expand quickly.

For over ten years, the Bosch CDR program has been the only authorized provider of the necessary data retrieval equipment and DJS Associates was among the first in the nation to receive certification in its use.  For more information, contact Scott King, BSME at 215-659-2010 or via email at  Also check our websites for updates on industry news and recalls.

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