DJS Associates to Digitally Preserve Historic Synagogue with HDS Laser Scanning Technology


Professional services to be donated through strategic partnership with CyArk

ABINGTON, Pa. – DJS Associates, Inc., a full-service forensic consulting, technology and animations firm, announced today that it will be performing high-definition survey (HDS) laser scanning to digitally preserve the historic Frank Lloyd Wright designed Beth Sholom Congregation in Elkins Park, Pa. The scanning will take place from November 12-14, 2012 as part of a strategic partnership with CyArk, a non-profit organization based in Oakland, California dedicated to digitally preserving cultural heritage sites throughout the world. Beth Sholom is one of a select number of projects that DJS Associates will assist CyArk with in the northeast region of the United States.

During the three-day scan, DJS Associates will collect as-built data which will then be used to create a three dimensional animation model of the building to scale. Should the synagogue gradually deteriorate overtime or be damaged by a man-made and/or natural disaster, the digital model will enable the historical landmark to be restored to its original state. 



Photo courtesy of Beth Sholom Congregation
From November 12-14, 2012, Frank Lloyd Wright’s historic Beth Sholom Congregation in Elkins Park, Pa. will be digitally scanned for future preservation using high-definition survey (HDS) technology in a collaborative effort between DJS Associates of Abington, Pa.,  and CyArk of Oakland, Ca.


For decades, DJS Associates has been using HDS laser scanning –  a cutting-edge technology that captures highly accurate point cloud data while leaving the environment uncompromised – to assist in 2-D and 3-D modeling of homicide investigations, vehicle accident reconstructions, building collapses, aquatic and recreational injuries, bomb and arson investigations, and many other forensic applications.  Said President Steven M. Schorr, “We are honored to partner with CyArk in preserving the history of this one-of-a-kind synagogue, to ensure that future generations will enjoy the design as it was intended to be seen.  Digital historical preservation is a truly unique application of HDS laser scanning. We feel fortunate to be working with CyArk on this project and hopefully many more in the future.”

Beth Sholom Congregation was established in Philadelphia in 1918 and after its move to Elkins Park, Pa. Frank Lloyd Wright was convinced to design the new structure – his only synagogue.  Dedicated in 1959 only months after Wright’s death, the American Institute of Architects and the National Trust for Historic Preservation named the synagogue as one of the 17 Wright buildings most worthy of preservation; it was officially listed as a National Historic Landmark in 2007.

About DJS Associates

Based in Abington, Pa., DJS Associates provides forensic consulting, technology and animations to the legal and engineering communities; the insurance industry; police, prosecutors and detectives; the construction trade; government agencies; and public and private sectors across the United States.  The Firm is retained by clients to collect data, preserve evidence, identify experts, analyze information, render ethical opinions and demonstrate results.  To increase the effectiveness and accuracy of its work, DJS Associates maintains a 24-hour emergency response team as well as uses state-of-the-art technology such as high-definition survey (HDS) laser scanning; event data recorder (EDR) download; 3-D computer animation engineering; and a secure storage, inspection and conference facility.  Its areas of specialty include: accident / collision reconstruction; highway safety; traffic engineering; aquatics; biomechanical; medical; OSHA; premise liability; product liability; recreational;
slip, trip & fall; structural; trucking; workplace safety; and more. 
The Firm currently employs 25 professionals at its headquarters in Abington, Pennsylvania and utilizes the services of over 200 experts across the nation. For more information about DJS Associates visit

About CyArk

Headquartered in Oakland, Ca., CyArk is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to digitally preserving cultural heritage sites around the world.  CyArk collects, archives and provides open access to data created by laser scanning, digital modeling, and other state-of-the-art technologies to capture and preserve some of the world’s most significant heritage sites. Their goal is to ensure that these places will be available for the future, while uniquely telling their story today.  For more information about CyArk visit


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