DJS Expands Commercial Truck Data Imaging Capabilities


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Judicious use of advanced technology in vehicular collision investigation and reconstruction ensures efficient and effective results.  DJS Associates is constantly evaluating emerging concepts, trends, and equipment to remain an industry leader in technological innovation.  That is why we are pleased to announce an important new extension of our existing Commercial Truck Event Data Recorder (EDR) imaging capabilities.

For many years, commercial truck engines have been a valuable source of potentially relevant crash and other event data.  The primary source of this data is the Engine Control Module (ECM).  There are relatively few major truck engine manufacturers and each has their own unique EDR strategy.  As a result, accessing (or imaging) crash data from each ECM brand requires unique equipment and software.  Historically, Detroit Diesel, Mercedes Benz, Cummins, Caterpillar, and Mack were among the brands that utilized EDR technology – of varying capabilities – into their respective ECMs.  DJS has been providing data imaging services for these brands for over ten years.  Notably missing from the list of EDR-equipped engine brands was International/Navistar.  
Indeed while nearly every other major engine brand utilized EDR technology, International/Navistar chose not to.  Recently, however that has changed – and so has our ECM data imaging capabilities. 

DJS Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of ServiceMaxx to its commercial truck ECM data imaging software suite.  ServiceMaxx is a powerful diagnostic tool that provides forensically neutral access to important information stored within the International/Navistar ECM.  Depending on the ECM, the data accessible with ServiceMaxx include fault code “freeze-frame” data, configuration parameters, and trip data.  Most importantly, the newest engines have the ability to record up to two Hard Braking events and two Last Stop records, much like Detroit Diesel, Mack, and several other brands.  As a result, the International/Navistar engine brand is now among those with true event data recording capability and, therefore, should be considered a potential source of important event data. 

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