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Below is a partial list of outside consultants DJS Associates is pleased to provide to our clients to assist with your case needs.
All of our experts CVs are available upon request.



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M. Adinolfi, LMT: Massage Therapist

Request M. Adinolfi CV


S. Anthony: Packaging Engineer, Materials Handling, Package Development

Request S. Anthony CV


C. Anzur, D.M.D.: Periodontology, Dental Implants

Request C. Anzur CV




J. Balan, P.E., LEED AP: Electrical Engineer, Power Distribution Lines, Fire Alarms, Cell Phone Towers, Lighting Issues, Electrical Fires Codes, Electrocution

Request J. Balan, P.E., LEED AP CV


S. Batzer, Ph.D., PE: Crashworthiness, Materials Science, Roof Crush, Materials Failure, Seat Belts, Seat Backs, Rollover, Automotive Glass

Request S. Batzer CV


R. B. Benowitz, EE: Electrical Engineer, Hospital and Medical Equipment Safety, Wheelchairs, Biomedical Equipment, Hospital Procedures

Request R. B. Benowitz CV


C. Berkowitz, Ph.D., PE: Transportation Safety, Transit Planning, Terminal and Station Crowd Control, Bus Stop Location, Grade Crossings, Design of Railcars, Pedestrian Walkways

Request C. Berkowitz CV


W. J. Birks, Jr., CPP, CHS-III: Security, Loss Prevention, Witness Interviews, Work Place Safety, Industrial and Corporate Security

Request W. J. Birks, Jr. CV


T. H. Bohrer, CPP: Certified Packaging Professional, Flexible, Carton, Composite and Rigid Plastic Packaging; Product Development

Request T. H. Bohrer CV


G. L. Boso, P.E.: Civil Engineer, Storm Water Management, Construction

Request G. L. Boso CV


C. J. Brigham, CIH, CSP: OSHA, Safety, Ergonomics, Safety Management, Industrial Hygiene & Air Sampling, JCAHO, Noise Control

Request C. J. Brigham CV


D. M. Bruun, CIH: Industrial Hygiene, Safety, Asbestos, Lead Paint

Request D. M. Bruun CV


K. A. Burns, R.Ph., J.D: Pharmaceutical, Pharmacy Practice Management

Request K. A. Burns CV




J. A. Calamia, D.O: Family Practice, Family Physician, Geriatrics, Rehabilitation

Request J. A. Calamia CV


P. R. Calandra, CHPA, CHSP, CSE: Premise Liability, Safety and Security, Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Shopping Centers, Parking Lots, Parking Garages

Request P. R. Calandra CV


R. Carlson, RCA, BCMA: Arborist, Risk Assessment, Failures, Appraisal, Tree Preservation, Insect and Disease Diagnosis

Request R. Carlson CV


A. Caskey, Ph.D: Parks and Recreation Safety, Playgrounds, Sports Courts, Rinks, Indoor Recreational Facilities and Programs, Amusement Parks

Request A. Caskey CV


T. Cocchiola, PE, CSP: Mechanical Engineer, Certified Safety Professional, Machinery and Equipment, Cranes, Forklifts, Machine Guard, Hydraulic and Fluid Control Systems, Stress Analysis

Request T. Cocchiola CV


R. B. Colbert, CHA, CHIA: Hotel Management and Operations, Premises Liability, Security, Assault, Mismanagement, Wrongful Termination, Franchise Issues, Cash Flow Analysis, Assault, Negligent Hiring/Retention, Property Control

Request R. B. Colbert CV


D. Curry, Ph.D., CHFP, CSP: Human Factors, Warnings and Instructions, Ergonomics, Certified Safety Professional, Perception/Vision/Visibility, Slips/Trips/Falls, Evaluation of Equipment/Facilities/Structures, Safety-Related Issues

Request D. Curry CV


A. W. Cohn, Ph.D.: Prisons, Inmates, Supervision, Training, Program Evaluation

Request A. W. Cohn CV




W. C. DeBlasio, MSME: Biomechanical, Kinematics, Seatbelts

Request W. C. DeBlasio CV


L. G. DePaola, DDS, MS: Dental Surgery, Oral Medicine, Prosthodontics

Request L. G. DePaola CV


S. P. DeRosa: Aquatic/Pool Safety, Scuba Diving, Risk Management, Beaches, Pool Operator Training

Request S. P. DeRosa CV


J. M. Duddy, DC: Chiropractor, Independent Medical Exams

Request J. M. Duddy CV


J. S. Duerr, Ph.D., PE: Metallurgy, Chemist, Product Liability, Packaging, Lab Testing, Chemical and Microbiology Analyses in Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Plastics, Specialty Products

Request J. S. Duerr CV




R. Eichler: Mechanical Engineer, Crashworthiness. FEA Analysis

Request R. Eichler CV


M. E. Eichner, DDS: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Implants, Facial Fractures

Request M. E. Eichner CV




J. S. Fabian, CDS: Transportation Safety, Bus Safety, Bus Inspections, Training Programs, Transit Operations

Request J. S. Fabian CV


V. Falcone, D.O.: Cosmetic & Integrative Medicine, Liposuction, Laser Cosmetics, Botox

Request V. Falcone CV


G. B. Fried: Sports and Crowd Management, Employment and Sports Law, Foul Ball Cases, School Liability, Spectator Injuries Cases, Fitness Facilities

Request G. B. Fried CV


W. R. Friedl, Jr.: Bowling Facilities, Bowling Lanes, Coaches and Instructors

Request W. R. Friedl, Jr. CV




W. D. Goldstein, C.O., I.C.S: Residential and Commercial Building Inspections, ADA Compliance, Septic Systems, Code Issues, Safety Hazards, Plumbing, Insect Damage, Environmental Hazards, Termite Damage, Mold, Codes, Structural Damage

Request W. D. Goldstein CV


B. J. Grayson: Fleet Management Practices, Industry Maintenance Standards, Fleet Safety, Vehicle Specifications, Standard Industry Practices

Request B. J. Grayson CV


J. Greene, M.D: Ophthalmology, Retina Specialist

Request J. Greene CV


T. Griffiths, Ed.D: Aquatics/Water Safety, Pools, Beaches, Water Parks, Lakes, Lifeguards, Signage, Diving, Water Slides, Shallow Water Blackouts, Aquatic Risk Management

Request T. Griffiths CV


W. Gulya, Jr.: Excavation & Construction Site Preparation, Scheduling and Delays , Earthwork and Grading Trenching, Trench Collapse and Shoring, Heavy Equipment Rentals, Underground Utilities, Water Mains, Paving, Concrete Curbs, Sidewalks, Parking Lots, Asphalt Roads, OSHA Compliance, Construction Safety

Request W. Gulya, Jr. CV




K. C. Haglid, P.E., R.A., CEM: Structural and Mechanical Building Systems, Industrial & Chemical Plant Failures, Architect, HVAC Systems, Inspection and Design Services, Gas Exposures and Poisoning, Electrical, Structural and Mechanical Building Issues

Request K. C. Haglid CV


R. J. Hallowell, Jr., PE: Mechanical Engineer, HVAC, Fire Protection, Refrigeration, Plumbing, Fire Suppression Systems

Request R. J. Hallowell, Jr. CV


P. R. Hannon, Ed.D.: Injury Biomechanics, Traumatic Forces, Functional Anatomy

Request P. R. Hannon CV


S. High, MS, CSP, ARM, EMT: Slip Testing, Certified Tribometrist, Occupational and Workplace Safety, OSHA, Industrial Hygienists, Certified Safety Professional, Floor Coatings, Slip, Trip and Fall

Request S. High CV


D. Hucker: Arborist, Tree Assessment, Appraisals, Insects, Disease, Utility Right-of-Way, Maintenance

Request D. Hucker CV




K. Johnson, P.E.: Traffic Planning & Design: Traffic Engineering, Transportation Planning, Highway Design, Waste Disposal, Municipal Reviews, Parking Studies

Request K. Johnson CV




K. Kandrac, CFI: Fire Cause and Origin, Sprinkler Systems, Explosions

Request K. Kandrac CV


D. G. Keep: Highway and Asphalt Maintenance, Winter Operations, Snow Removal

Request D. G. Keep CV


C. R. Kelemen, RLA, FASLA: Landscape Architect, Site Design, Public Parks, Trail and Bike Paths

Request C. R. Kelemen CV


J. D. Kennedy, QEI, CET: Electrician, Elevators, Escalators, Inspector, Code Compliance

Request J. D. Kennedy CV


R. A. Kennedy, QEI, CET: Elevators and Escalators, Operations, Safety

Request R. A. Kennedy CV


S. A. Kiska, PE: Aluminum, Fiberglass and Wood Ladders and Scaffolding, Failures

Request S. A. Kiska CV




D. C. Lazowick, DO, FACP, FACOI: Internal Medicine

Request D. C. Lazowick CV


M. D. Leshner, P.E: Mechanical Engineer, Appliances, Tools, Equipment, Consumer Products, Medical Product Design, Electrical Products, Safety

Request M. D. Leshner CV


B. I. Levenberg BS, MS, MS, PD, SAS, SDA: Elementary Education, School Liability, Special Education, Supervision

Request B. I. Levenberg CV


W. Levicoff: Private Investigator, Firearms, Firearms Safety, Shooting Range

Request W. Levicoff CV


R. Lindemeyer, DMD: Pediatric Dentistry

Request R. Lindemeyer CV


J. C. Lolli, Ed.D., CHE: Hospitality and Facilities Management, Restaurant Operations, Labor Relations, Food Safety, Casinos

Request J. C. Lolli CV


M. Lombardi, PT DPT ATC: Physical Therapy, Exercise, Rehabilitation, Athletic Training, Sports Injuries

Request M. Lombardi CV




R. Malanga, P.E.: Fire Protection, Risk Management, Fire Suppression Systems, Explosions, Emergency Response, Combustible Liquids

Request R. Malanga CV


S. K. Marks, DVM: Veterinarian, Wildlife, Zoological Species, Exotic Animals

Request S. K. Marks CV


G. Masucci, 132-CI, BCE: Digital Forensics, Cell Phones, Network Forensics, Security, Cell Phone Towers

Request G. Masucci CV


M. Murphy: Highway Maintenance and Repair, Traffic Sign Maintenance and Repair, Potholes, Contract Paving Program Planning, Winter Services, Snow Plowing, Anti-Icing and De-icing Applications, Highway and Roadway Drainage Systems, Roadside Vegetation Maintenance

Request M. Murphy CV




R. Nobilini, Ph.D.: Biomechanical Engineer, Injury Biomechanics for all Types of Accidents, Analysis of Falls, Mechanical Engineering, Low-Speed Impact

Request R. Nobilini CV




T. O’Brien, PE: Traffic, Civil / Highway Engineer, Drainage, Highway Design

Request T. O’Brien CV




R. J. Panunto, PE: Electrical Engineer, Utility and Railway Electrical Power Systems, Electrical Accidents, Fire Cause and Origin, Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Motors, Generators, Switchgears, Electric Shock, Electrocution, Lighting

Request R. J. Panunto CV


J. T. Payne, DVM, MS: Veterinarian, Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery

Request J. T. Payne CV


C. E. Perrotta: Handwriting, Questioned Documents Examiner, Ink Identifications, Alteration of Documents

Request C. E. Perrotta CV


J. J. Pina, MS, CSP: Industrial Hygiene, Safety, OSHA, Forklift Operations and Training, Demolition, Construction Manager, Oil/Gas Drilling Safety, Heavy Equipment Operator

Request J. J. Pina CV


M. E. Pliskin, DDS, Ph.D: Dentistry, Oral Pathology, Implant Failures, Infections, Trauma to Teeth

Request M. E. Pliskin CV




J. C. Renyo, DC: Chiropractor, Independent Medical Exams, Adjunctive Therapy Procedures

Request J. C. Renyo CV




T. Saldarelli: Swimming Pool Product Liability Claims, Chemicals and Packaging in Aquatics Industry, Product Development

Request T. Saldarelli CV


J. R. Scala, Ph.D., CCM: Meteorologist; Weather

Request J. R. Scala CV


C. Scatena: Environmental, Health & Safety

Request C. Scatena CV


J. R. Sempsrott, M.D: Lifesaving Aid, Drowning Resuscitation, Lifeguard Training

Request J. R. Sempsrott CV


A. Sievers: Trucking and Transportation, Hiring, Supervision, Driving Practices, Loading, Unloading, Cargo Claims, Driver Logs, Safety and Risk Management, Hours of Service

Request A. Sievers CV


B. J. Smith, PE: Construction Site Safety, Slip and Fall, OSHA, Building Failures, Roof Collapse, Equipment Malfunction, Facilities Management, Demolition, Fire Damage, Cranes, Hoists

Request B. J. Smith CV


R. M. Sobel, MS, M.D., DFAPA: Psychiatry, Neurology, Pain Management, Independent Medical Exams

Request R. M. Sobel CV


G. R. Styers: Firearms and Ballistics, Tool Mark Identification, Training

Request G. R. Styers CV


R. Sugarman, PH.D., PE: Human Factors; Ergonomics, Visibility, Warnings, Labels, Instructions and Procedures, Medical Equipment Errors, Workplace Safety, Commercial Products, Design

Request R. Sugarman CV





L. F. Tau, DMD: Cosmetic Dentistry, Implantology; General Dentistry

Request L. F. Tau CV


S. M. Timko: Railroad, Passenger and Freight Trains, Switching Systems, Railroad Safety, Railroad Operations and Equipment

Request S. M. Timko CV


J. M. Tobias, Ph.D., PE: Electrical Engineering, Electrical Power Lines, Electrocution, Illumination & Safety, Lightning

Request J. M. Tobias CV


J. M. Toneatto, Ph.D., P.E.: Civil Engineering, Site Planning & Design, Bridges, Land Surveying, Construction Engineering, Roadways, Stormwater Runoff Management

Request J. M. Toneatto CV




R. K. Vaughan, DVM, DACVO: Veterinarian, Veterinary Ophthalmologist

Request R. K. Vaughan CV


F. A Vinciguerra, PE: Mechanical Engineer, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Mold and Air Quality, Structural and Mechanical Failure, Design Deficiency, Building Code Compliance, Fire Suppression Systems

Request F. A Vinciguerra CV




A. D Wahrman, MD, MBA, MHCDS, FACS: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Request A. D Wahrman CV


P. B. Wayne: Property Management, Certified Property Manager, Assisted Housing, Apartments

Request P. B. Wayne CV


J. S. Weagley: Recreation, Athletics, Exercise Science, Physical Education, Kinesiology, Fitness Centers, Sports Medicine, Coaching, Playground Safety Inspection

Request J. S. Weagley CV


J. T. Willoughby, CPA, CFF, CFE: Forensic Accountant, Fraud Investigations, Personal Injury Damages, Wrongful Death Damages, Due Diligence Investigations,
Commercial Damages/ Lost Profits, Inventory, Extra Expense Claims, Preferential Payments/Bankruptcy, Construction Disputes

Request J. T. Willoughby CV


G. A. Wilmoski: Trucking, Transportation, Driver Logs, Safety and Risk Management, Fleet Management, Compliance

Request G. A. Wilmoski CV


M. S. Wintner, D.M.D., M.S.D: Orthodontics, Dentistry

Request M. S. Wintner CV


W. Wysowaty, PE, CME, MBA: Municipal / Civil Engineer, Construction Management, Traffic Signal Design, Foundations, Stucco, Site Development, Work Zone Traffic Controls, Parking Lot Design

Request W. Wysowaty CV




D. Zavolta, MSN, RN: Nurse, Pediatric and Adult Home Health Care, Supervision of Fieldstaff

Request D. Zavolta CV





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