Fitness Facility Operations: A Forensic Perspective

Fitness Facility

Laura M. Miele, Ph.D., Sport, Fitness and Recreation Consultant

The fitness industry has exploded in popularity as a core component of healthy living in recent years. In response, many fitness facilities have grown in size and complexity. When these facilities are not run with appropriate attention to safety they can cause or contribute to injury of their patrons. Common oversights in these organizations include failure to properly place equipment; hire qualified and competent fitness staff members; train and educate clients; choose proper flooring, and post signage that is safe and informative for its members, among others. The responsibility of fitness facility owners to operate with a proper protocol, trained and educated staff members, and a thorough maintenance plan is made easier by the variety of resources available to facility managers/staff members through the International Health, Racquet and Sports Club Association (IHRSA). Learn more about fitness facility operations through a forensic perspective in the article below by Laura M. Miele, Ph.D. and Denise Giordano Autret.

Fitness Facility Operations: A Forensic Perspective

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