Flying Cars on New Hampshire Roads?

Flying Car


New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu recently signed HB1182, which establishes a commission to study on-road usage of non-traditional motor vehicles, including flying cars. An example of these “cars” could be the PAL-V Liberty, a Dutch concept vehicle that could fly into an airport and then drive off to its final destination on local roadways. New Hampshire could become the first state in the nation to allow such an operation.

Rep. Sherman Packard, a sponsor of the bill, noted that “there was nothing on the books that would have allowed this type of vehicle on the road. To allow them to even exist in New Hampshire, we had to pass this type of legislation.”

Though these vehicles are still in the early stages of their design, the possibility of seeing a similar vehicle on the roadway in the not too distant future is becoming a reality. Once we do start to see these flying cars on the roadway, and they inevitably end up in a collision, the DJS team will be available to reconstruct the collision… but we will probably arrive at the inspection in a non-flying car.

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