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Notice from Management Regarding the Expert Network, Forensic Engineering Services and Multi-Media Exhibit Systems. 

In early October, 2008, DJS Associates rolled out its new logo, printed brochures, trade show booth and Web site.  We sincerely appreciate the positive feedback that we have received to date.  Many of us, however, have also gotten inquiries about our recent changes especially with regard to the structure of DJS Associates.   Some questions that we have been asked include: “What happened to the Expert Network and Forensic Engineering Services?” and “Do you still offer services through Multi-Media Exhibit Systems?”  The purpose of this letter is to clarify that the DJS Associates’ actual service offering has not changed.  The Expert Network, Forensic Engineering Services and Multi-Media Exhibit Systems are still going strong.  What is different, however, is the terminology that DJS Associates is now using when educating those who are unfamiliar with our company on what we do and how we do it.

Forensic Engineering Services and Expert Network are now part of Forensic Consulting & Testimony.  We have in-house engineers and specialists as well as an outsourced team of experts.  All of our professionals – both in-house and outsourced – function as a cohesive team and apply the same time-tested DJS Approach.  After careful consideration, we decided that since our forensic engineers, consultants and experts operate as one unit, we should communicate the same to clients, business associates and friends.  All of DJS Associates’ areas of specialty, including those formerly under Expert Network, are still very much a part of the Company but can now be found under Forensic Consulting & Testimony.

Over the years, the technology that DJS Associates employs to collect; preserve; identify; and analyze the data as well as render ethical conclusions and demonstrate the results has changed significantly.  We utilize our technology, such as High-Definition Surveying (HDS), 3D Modeling, and Photogrammetry, while working on Forensic Consulting & Testimony assignments. In some cases, however, our clients engage us solely for the application of our technology.  To clarify our technology-based services DJS Associates decided to use the terminology Animations & Demonstrative Exhibits; High-Definition Surveying; and Evidence Testing & Preservation instead of Multi-Media Exhibit Systems.  We felt this was more descriptive, easier to understand as well as aligned with the current terminology used in our industry.  If you have any remaining thoughts, concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me at jsf@forensicDJS.com or 215.659.2010. 



Joy S. Falk, VP
Communications and Marketing

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