October is National Pedestrian Safety Month



Robert T. Lynch, P.E., Principal Collision Reconstruction Engineer
Three out of every four pedestrian fatalities occur at night. This fall, as the days get shorter and the nights get longer, the risks for pedestrians increase. This year, NHTSA has launched the first National Pedestrian Safety Month with the goal of increasing awareness about pedestrian safety, reminding both drivers and pedestrians that staying safe is a shared responsibility.
5 Tips for Pedestrians:
1. Walk on sidewalks whenever possible. If none are available, walk facing traffic and as far from the travel lane as possible.
2. Keep alert at all time; do not be distracted by your phone, or any other device that takes your focus away from the road.
3. Cross at crosswalks whenever possible. If crossing midblock, wait for a gap in traffic that allows enough time to safely cross and watch for traffic as you cross.
4. Wear reflective clothing or use a flashlight. Never assume a driver can see you. Make eye contact with drivers to make sure you are seen.
5. Watch for cars exiting driveways or backing up in parking lots.
5 Tips for Drivers:
1. Look for pedestrians at all times. Use extra caution at night or in bad weather.
2. Slow down and be prepared to stop when turning, and never pass vehicles stopped at a crosswalk as there may be people crossing that you can’t see.
3. Yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.
4. Follow the speed limit.
5. Be extra cautious when backing up as pedestrians can move into your path.
Learn more at: NHTSA.gov/Pedestrians
Robert T. Lynch, P.E., Principal Collision Reconstruction Engineer with DJS Associates, Inc., can be reached via email at experts@forensicDJS.com or via phone at 215-659-2010.

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