3D Laser Scanning

You View the World in 3D. Why Not Document in 3D.


Forensic 3D Laser Scanning


This state-of-the-art technology has had a significant impact in the forensic field – not just collision reconstruction, but also for any case that requires precise measurements. 3D scanning allows for the collection of millions of accurate measurements in a cost-effective and efficient manner, with unprecedented accuracy.

When an event or incident occurs that requires investigation, there is nothing more critical than preserving the evidence and the scene. 3D laser scanning is particularly useful in time critical situations, such as vehicle and human-related accidents; homicides and criminal investigations; as well as damage to structures, when the environment needs to remain uncompromised.


Historical 3D Laser Scanning


With the use of 3D laser scanning technology, computer modeling and panoramic photography, DJS Associates digitally preserves historical sites and landmarks.

Data collected can be utilized for historical preservation, condition assessment, reconstruction of structures, as well as for restoration and cultural education. DJS is also partnering with CyArk, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the world’s heritage through cutting-edge technology, for digital preservation and educational purposes.


Architectural 3D Laser Scanning


Detailed measurements and photographic documentation of existing conditions are crucial elements of the design process – from initial conception through final construction. Combined with HDR Panoramic Photography, 3D imaging provides a cost-effective, accurate and efficient means to capture the data necessary for documentation, design and construction.

3D laser scanning is applicable to numerous situations including as-built documentation for pre-construction and construction; historical preservation and renovation; building information modeling (BIM); and permanent 3D representation of sites, whether digital or printed.