Hand-Held Scanners

With the use of hand-held 3D laser scanners, DJS Associates is able to capture and preserve data from small items and objects.

Hand-held 3D laser scanning provides a means to quickly and accurately capture details in hard to reach areas. Additionally, the accurate, to-scale 3D replication can (and is) utilized as the foundation on which the engineering analysis can be performed and ultimately shown to those involved in the matter- from the adjusters, to the attorneys, to the experts, to the opposing side, and to the Trier-of-Fact.

Hand-Held Scanners used by DJS Associates’ Engineers

Artec 3D Hand-Held Scanner

The Artec 3D hand-held scanner scans quickly, in high resolution and vibrant color, which allows for almost unlimited scanning possibilities.

Artec 3D Hand-Held Scanner - 3D Laser Scanning

DPI-8 Hand-Held Scanner - 3D Laser Scanning

DPI-8 Hand-Held Scanner

The DPI-8 hand-held scanner provides our engineers with real-timed data quality feedback as the data is being acquired, allowing our engineers to instantly review the captured point cloud data.


Below are some interactive 3D scans of smaller objects.
Have fun examining these objects from any angle!