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PC Crash

PC-Crash™ is a Windows™ collision & trajectory simulation tool that enables the accurate analysis of a wide variety of motor vehicle collisions and other incidents.



Step-By-Step Example of How Our Engineers Utilize PC Crash


Step 1

DJS Associates’ site measurements aligned with aerial photographic coverage of the area of the occurrence.

PC Crash Step 1

Step 2

Same image as step 1, but zoomed in closer to the area of the occurrence.

PC Crash Step 2

Step 3

A tracing of police diagram, aligned with DJS Associates’ site measurements and aerial image.
Tracing includes tire marks left by a yawing vehicle.

PC Crash Step 3

Step 4

Image highlighting the tire marks left by the yawing vehicle.

PC Crash Step 4

Step 5

Independent plot of vehicle dynamics on tire marks and manual calculation of yaw speed is performed.

PC Crash Step 5

Step 6

PC-Crash computer simulation is setup and input parameters are iterated.

PC Crash Step 6

Step 7

Iteration is performed to match the simulated vehicle dynamics with the tire marks. Vehicle yaw speed is confirmed.

PC Crash Step 7

Step 8

Simulation is shown in plan view on aerial photograph.

PC Crash Step 8

Step 9

Simulation is shown in perspective view on aerial photograph.

PC Crash Step 9

Step 10

Simulation is shown in perspective view on basic site drawing.

PC Crash Step 10

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