Resident Dies in Luxury High Rise Condominium Pool


Tom Griffiths, Ed.D. ::::

Case Synopsis: Elderly resident, who could not swim, drowned in the deep end of her indoor pool. The deceased woman worked out daily in the shallow end of her swimming pool, performing shallow water exercises involving water walking with a buoyant belt around her waist and water shoes on her feet.

Expert Analysis: Recorded on security video footage, was the elderly woman performing her daily routine of figure eights and circles in the shallow end of the pool while water walking. For some reason, she failed to wear her buoyant belt on this day. To make matters worse, without her lifesaving belt on, she walked directly into the deep end of the pool where she drowned. Plaintiff argued there should have been a lifeguard on duty, and, with security cameras for the pool running at the reception desk, she should have been rescued by desk personnel. Defense argued this was a typical unguarded “swim-at-your-own-risk” pool and a lifeguard was not required. Defense further argued security cameras to date have only memorialized pool deaths, not prevented them.

Conclusion: Case was dismissed.

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