SUV v. Gas Station Engineering Animation

Hugh Borbidge, BSME, Director of Engineering Animations

Synopsis: Engineering animations are an important and useful tool to help explain issues to a jury. This is especially true when there may be a language barrier. For this case, DJS was tasked with completing an engineering animation to demonstrate an incident that occurred when an SUV reversed and struck a gas station attendant.

Scene photographs provided points of rest and a trail of damage left from the event. Witness testimony contributed approximate initial positions of the SUV and attendant with regard to the fuel pumps.

To-scale computer models were built of the SUV, gas station attendant, and the gas station itself. With the available data, we reconstructed the sequence of events and created animation clips showing what had happened. After the motion was finalized, the incident could be viewed from any vantage point. The client utilized two perspective views for this case.

Result: Case settled out of court.

Categories: 3D Animation

Tags: 3D Animation | Hugh Borbidge


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