Trampoline Standards


Alan R. Caskey, Ph.D., Recreation and Parks Safety Consultant ::::
The A.S.T.M. Standard for trampolines was adopted in 1974. The ASTM 381-16 trampoline standard was used by schools, community recreational centers, numerous youth groups, and private organizations.
Untrained and unsupervised use of these trampolines led to the numerous paralyzing neck injuries with various medical groups editorializing the need to remove existing trampolines and ban all sales of home or recreational trampolines in the United States. (American Academy of Pediatrics, May 19, 1979)
The number of injuries (50,000) (based on a hospital study in 1995), reflects the severity of safety concerns to children less than 15 years old. Various medical and professional groups called for the banning of trampolines resulting in no more sales of new trampolines, no insuring of existing trampolines, and removal of trampolines from a public agency (parks, schools, institutions).
Trampoline manufacturers retained a consulting firm to conduct a study of trampoline injuries and develop a working program to keep trampoline sales allowed in the United States. The consulting firm presented their study of trampoline injuries to A.S.T.M Committee F-8 and the U. S. Consumer Products Safety Commission. (Failure Analysis Associates, Inc., Analysis of Issues Associated with Trampolines, December 10, 1997) Continue reading “Trampoline Standards”