Flawed Repair Technique Leads to Injuries

Apartment Complex

Lt. Col. Bryan Smith, PE, Commercial and Residential Site Safety Expert  ::::
Case Description: At a multi-unit apartment complex, maintenance was performed to address several weather and damage issues on exterior staircases. A second floor tenant was injured while descending her stairs. One stair-tread end section broke free from the improperly repaired support bracket as the tenant stepped on it, resulting in her ten-foot fall. She suffered severe injuries.
Expert Analysis: An analysis was performed after reviewing site photographs provided by the plaintiff’s attorney, as well as copies of the apartment complex’s maintenance/repair invoices. The evidence showed that the original stair-tread support brackets had been severely rusted, while the repair technique chosen by the contractor called for the installation of new Simpson Strong-Tie brackets as reinforcement to the existing rusted brackets.
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