Double Counting: Help Me! Help Me Again!

Slip and Fall Expert Witness

Irina Balashova, CPA, CIA, CFE, Forensic Accountant Consultant ::::
When assessing economic losses, be aware of potential double counting of damages utilizing different categories of loss.
Case Synopsis: A mechanic was involved in a slip-and-fall accident, injuring his back, which resulted in a partial paralysis. Plaintiff now requires assistance with most activities of daily living. Claims were made for future medical costs and for loss of household services (“HHS”).
Expert Analysis: The plaintiff’s future medical costs claim was detailed in a life care plan, which included assistance with activities of daily living, such as personal care activities, as well as HHS that plaintiff was unable to perform post-injury, such as cooking, cleaning, transportation and shopping. The annual loss amount in this category totaled approximately $50,000. The claim for lost HHS also included a variety of general domestic chores that could be performed by repair workers, maids, landscapers, cooks, and laundry workers. The annual loss amount in this category totaled approximately $8,000. Based upon the descriptions of services provided, it was apparent the plaintiff’s claimed loss of HHS included many of the same services included in the life care plan, as a subset of the activities of daily living. Continue reading “Double Counting: Help Me! Help Me Again!”

Show Me the Records!

Forensic Accounting Records

Jeffery Willoughby, Forensic Accounting Consultant ::::
Plaintiff had claimed economic losses due to an exposure to carbon monoxide during a stay at defendant’s hotel. Plaintiff, a foreign national resident in the UK, was involved in business ventures in many different countries and industries. Plaintiff claimed damages were related to lost profit from various contracts entered into by plaintiff and the inability to pursue similar contracts due to health issues experienced after the exposure to carbon monoxide.
After a review of records including contracts, testimony, legal filings and affidavits from certain parties to contracts which Plaintiff was a party to, it was determined that:
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