The “New” Definition of Jaywalking


Robert T. Lynch, PE, Senior Collision Reconstruction Engineer ::::
To be fair, jaywalking is still defined as crossing a roadway without regard for approaching traffic or when it is unlawful to do so; however, the definition of what is and is not lawful is changing. For most jurisdictions, unlawful means that any pedestrian faced with a flashing “Don’t Walk” or flashing orange hand symbol at an intersection must remain on the curb and not start to cross the street, regardless of whether the traffic signal was green for vehicles in their direction of travel or what a pedestrian countdown timer indicated. In Los Angeles fines as high as $250 would be issued to any pedestrian caught crossing when the flashing hand and countdown timer were displayed. Nearly 20,000 of these tickets were issued in the Los Angeles area between 2011 and 2015, equating to over $1 million per year in revenue for the city. Continue reading “The “New” Definition of Jaywalking”