Excessive Guard Opening: Watch Your Hands!

Thomas J. Cocchiola, PE, CSP, Mechanical Safety Consultant ::::
Accident: A corrugated box plant owned and operated a rotary die cutter equipped with a leading edge feeder that repetitively inserts individual blanks through a feed opening. In operation, a helper loads a stack of corrugated blanks onto the feeder during set up and replenishes the stack during production. A set of rotating rollers within the machine housing pulls blanks through the feed opening.
An accident occurred while an operator and a helper were getting ready to start a production run. The operator energized the machine during set up without starting the feeder. The operator intended to energize the feeder after set up was completed. The helper saw a rag on a stationary feed table and reached to remove it before production began. The rag inadvertently entered the feed opening and got caught between the rotating rollers as the helper moved it across the feed table. The helper’s hand was pulled through the feed opening along with the rag and was trapped between the rollers. Continue reading “Excessive Guard Opening: Watch Your Hands!”