Woman struck by Boogie-Boarder

Tom J. Griffiths, ED.D., Aquatics Expert ::::
After checking into her hotel with her extended family, and spending considerable time on the beach observing the ocean and taking pictures, the plaintiff, a non-swimmer, was injured when she was struck by a boogie boarder shortly after she entered the water.
The plaintiff testified that she was enjoying the ocean waves by turning her back on them as they broke on her. When she did venture into the water, she spent most, if not all her time in knee deep water. The plaintiff testified that she observed the lifeguards on duty, some of the signs, and that she noticed the female boogie boarder repeatedly catching and riding waves.
The two lifeguards stationed nearby combined for nearly 50 years of lifeguarding experience on the shore. They were also both professional educators during the academic year. Continue reading “Woman struck by Boogie-Boarder”