Public Playground Equipment

Alan R. Caskey, Ph.D., Parks and Recreation Consultant ::::
Playground injury litigation is about to get more difficult, i.e. finding additional defendants. The American Society of Testing Materials is in the process of approving new requirements for ASTM 1487-17 (Title of Standard, Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use) Section 11: Installation.
The new ASTM standard reads:
11.2 Owner’s/Operator’s responsibilities:
11.2.1 The owner/operator or their designated representative shall follow the designer’s and manufacturer’s instructions and procedures to install all play structures and impact attenuating surfacing in accordance with appropriate standard specification and accessibility where applicable.
11.2.2 Prior to the playground’s first use, the owner/operator shall obtain written verification from a qualified person that the playground equipment and impact attenuating surfacing have been installed in accordance with the requirements of 11.2.1. Continue reading “Public Playground Equipment”