Railroad Employee Accident Prone?


Stephen M Timko, Railroad Safety Consultant ::::
Case Synopsis: An employee of a Class 1 railroad system sustained two on-duty injuries within a few miles of each other. The two injuries addressed herein were properly reported to the employee’s supervisor as required; in fact his supervisor was a witness to one of the injuries. The employee was harassed and intimidated for “failing to report personal injuries in a timely manner.”
Injury #1 occurred when the employee was descending a set of steps near an active railroad track. As the employee descended the steps to clean our snow from switch pints, he came to a landing where he had to make a 90-degree turn to the left and descend five more steps to track level. He was holding onto the handrail as he descended. When he reached the bottom step, the handrail support broke and the employee fell to the ground injuring his back.
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