The Latest and Greatest of Automotive Technology Has Just Been Released. Meet the Rimac Nevera.


Yuri A. Apel, BSEE, MSEM, Senior Electrical/Automotive Engineer
Rimac Nevera
Not only is the Remac Nevera insanely fast, with incredible horsepower and torque figures (1,914 hp, 1,740 lb-ft), but it is also dripping with technology. To start, the monocoque is composed of full carbon fiber. Why is this important? Because the construction of carbon fiber is so strong that this vehicle will have the “most rigid structure of any car ever made.” And by the way, this monocoque weighs 441 pounds!
Rimac Nevera
Next, we have the 120-kWH battery, made up of 6,960 cells which delivers 1.4 MW and can charge up to 80% in 19 minutes. This means that the battery can deliver power to the 4-electric motors in a very sophisticated way using torque vectoring. Torque vectoring is Rimac’s solution to vehicle stability in a direct and effective way by controlling the power of each wheel independently while the vehicle is cornering. To top it off, the Nevera has an AI driver coach (for track use) and a boat load of sensors: 12 ultrasonic sensors, 13 cameras, and 6 radars.
Rimac Nevera
If at this point you are bored by all of the nerdy figures, let me get straight to the point. This $2.5 million, all-electric hypercar is a showcase of the technology that will trickle down to our everyday vehicles over the next several years. It is crucial to understand how this technology works by itself and maybe more important to understand how it works in combination with the sensors and systems on-board. It may be pure bliss when everything works perfectly but the instant that something fails and it will since it is human-designed, engineers must understand which component(s) failed and how it affects the entire system, as well as the safety of the vehicle and its’ occupants. The best way to understand how this technology works is to get ahead of it before you are left behind it.
Yuri A. Apel, BSEE, MSEM, Senior Electrical/Automotive Engineer with DJS Associates, Inc., can be reached via email at or via phone at 215-659-2010.

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