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Who can predict what kids will or won’t pay attention to? Along with my wife, I helped to raise four children, now all in their 20s, and each one of them approaches life differently. Predicting what they will pay attention to and how they will act was (and still is!) impossible. But that knowledge doesn’t stop Clarion from creating safety signage for places, like pools and beaches, where children will be present.
A couple of years ago, working alongside Dr. Tom Griffiths of the Aquatic Safety Research Group, we designed a set of pool safety signs that prominently display colorful ISO-formatted safety symbols. The goal of the symbols was, first and foremost, to catch the attention of people, adults and children alike. It’s sort of obvious to state, but a safety sign is useless if it goes unnoticed. And THAT is the situation with the vast majority of aquatic safety signage in use today. Typically these signs are nothing more than “list of rules” that use only words, no symbols. People – adults and children – walk right by them, not giving them the time of day. My guess is that everyone that enters these environments has other things on their mind and it, quite literally, takes too much time to read these signs, so no heed is paid to them.
Read the full article here – http://www.clarionsafety.com/blog/water-safety-signs-that-are-more-apt-to-get-kids-attention/
Mr. Peckham frequently lectures at the request of various manufacturing, risk management, insurance, and academic organizations on the application benefits of compliance with ANSI and ISO standards for safety signs, labels and photoluminescent safety markings. He can be reached via email at experts@forensicDJS.com or via phone at 215-659-2010.

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