When do you need to contact a Slip, Trip & Fall Consultant?


Slip, Trip & Fall Consultants:
John E. Tesoriero, PE, PP
Johann Szautner, PE, PLS
Joseph B. Mills, PE


Plaintiff was a patron at this restaurant. While walking to the restrooms, she slipped on a greasy, sticky substance on the floor and fell, injuring her chin. A slip and fall consultant was needed to consult on premise liability issues.

At a PennDOT facility the plaintiff alleges that he tripped over pavement as he exited the building. A slip and fall consultant was needed regarding premise liability and code enforcement issues. Consultant was retained to examine the site to ascertain if the lip of pavement was not excessively high as the plaintiff alleged.

In this case, the plaintiff slipped and fell on wooden steps. There was a black rubber material on all of the steps, as a slip guard; however, it was frozen with ice. A slip and fall consultant was needed to ascertain whether or not the stairs were up to code.


To speak with our consultants, or to review their Curriculum Vitae, please contact Yaisa Freeman or Joy Falk at 800-332-6273.

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